Atari VCS pre orders now open

Good news – the Atari VCS, is now available for pre-order. Bad news – the limited edition version is all but sold out.

Set for release at some point in 2019 the retro inspired platform will be capable of playing both modern and classic games with a promise of online support and 4k resolution.

Previous images confirmed that the iconic Atari joystick returns, along with the consoles own wireless controller (which looks an awful lot like an Xbox controller…) Atari also say the new machine will be compatible with most PC peripherals.

The VCS will be capable of streaming music and videos, will be social media friendly, will have it’s own dedicated multiplayer gaming service and will even be able to make you the odd cup of tea. Ok, so I made that last one up but you get the idea.

Atari are still being cagey when it comes to announcing the publishers they’re partnering up with for the project, only confirming they’ll be working with “modern” game developers. The VCS will also come pre-loaded with over 100 retro classics.

The Indiegogo campaign has already raised upwards over $2,000,000 – or 20 times its initial $100,000 goal.

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