Bolstering the retro collection – a continuous struggle?

Following on from the not-so-surprising news that CeX have been replacing lost & damaged game covers with their own in-house prints, I’ve been looking at other avenues to bolster my collection.

Nowadays, of course, there are some obvious online portals where retro games are rife, places like eBay and Gumtree. The former is proving trickier by the day to pick up a bargain.  Not so long ago there were bargains to be had, even on things like Dreamcast games and spares but that’s becoming the exception nowadays. And as for Gumtree? Where I am there just isn’t anything for sale that I’m interested in. It’s great if you’re looking for current releases, or maybe a Gamecube. But it certainly seems to be a sellers market.

So I’ve been out and about on the streets, exploring other avenues. And I think I’ve found a slightly untapped source.

Charity shops.

Now I know, many are packed with multiple copies of Fifa (or was still, Pro Evolution Soccer) but delve a little deeper and there are definitely some bargains to be had.

I recently visited one shop where just two titles were out on public display, one of which being Wii Fit. I thought I’d chance my arm and ask if they ever get more video games in, only to be told by the shops manager ‘We’ve got tons through the back, generally they don’t sell very well so we don’t bother putting many out’

What awaited me was a literal goldmine of PS2 and PS3 goodies. And the odd Wii & PSP title.

While the latter two consoles are of no interest to essay moment, the PS2 collection was staggering and will no doubt prove to be a valuable source of titles for the foreseeable future. What’s slightly disappointing, though maybe not surprising is the complete lack of availability for classic consoles.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Mega Drive or SNES cartridge, let alone a Dreamcast game. Bearing in mind its 20 years since the start of the Dreamcast’s life cycle and even longer since the 16 bit consoles were relevant, that’s not really a shock but I’m convinced there are boxes of gems just waiting to be unearthed and given a new, loving home.

But for now the search – and the wait – continues…

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